5 of the Best Hotels in Cinfães

We have handpicked what we consider to be some of the best hotels in Cinfães, a scenic municipality located in the northern region of Portugal. It's surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Douro River basin, with lush forests, rolling hills and pristine waterways.

Browse the best hotels in Cinfães and book your stay.

A Padaria Farmhouse
A Padaria Farmhouse
A Padaria Farmhouse
A Padaria Farmhouse
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A Padaria Farmhouse

Discover the charming A Padaria Farmhouse, a cosy rural B&B in the Douro countryside. Adorned with simple décor, Padaria's rooms provide a tranquil base for hiking and other nature-based adventures. Breakfast is prepared with love by Jacinta, using fresh produce from her garden.

A Padaria Farmhouse is a stylish and cosy B&B farmhouse in the rural Douro countryside with a lovely homely vibe.

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