5 of the Best Hotels in Príncipe Real

We have handpicked what we consider to be some of the best hotels in the Príncipe Real neighbourhood in central Lisbon.

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Memmo Príncipe Real
Memmo Príncipe Real
Memmo Príncipe Real
Memmo Príncipe Real
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Memmo Príncipe Real

Memmo Príncipe Real is a sleek and warm five-star boutique hotel located in the fashionable Príncipe Real neighbourhood of Lisbon. Designed by Portuguese architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho, it features 41 elegant bedrooms, some with outdoor fireplaces on the terrace. The interiors are decorated in luxurious and warm tones of green velvet, local limestone, oak floors and chandeliers from Santa & Cole. The hotel's collection of contemporary art by Portuguese artists showcases the neighbourhood's noble heritage.

Memmo Príncipe Real is a five-star contemporary boutique hotel with an old-world soul, in the fashionable district of Príncipe Real in Lisbon.

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