5 of the Best Hotels in Évora

We have handpicked what we consider to be some of the best hotels in Évora, a captivating historic city located in the heart of Portugal's Alentejo region. Explore our picks below and book your stay.

A Casa do Governador
A Casa do Governador
A Casa do Governador
A Casa do Governador
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A Casa do Governador

Escape to the Alentejo countryside and discover A Casa do Governador, a charming farmhouse estate nestled in a tranquil ecological reserve in Évora. With 28 hectares of land, including five acres of vineyards, this centennial house offers rooms spread across three unique villas, each with a distinct history and contemporary rustic decor. Indulge in candle-lit local cuisine prepared by the in-house chef, take a carriage ride, stroll through the vineyards, taste delicious wines, or just chill by the pool.

A charming farmhouse estate with contemporary rustic decor nestled in a tranquil ecological reserve near the historic town of Évora.

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