5 of the Best Hotels in Peso da Régua

We have handpicked what we consider to be some of the best hotels in Peso da Régua, a charming town in the heart of the Douro Valley in northern Portugal, known for its stunning vineyards, historic port wine cellars, and scenic boat tours along the Douro River.

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Quinta do Vallado
Quinta do Vallado
Quinta do Vallado
Quinta do Vallado
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Quinta do Vallado

Quinta do Vallado, established in 1716, is a boutique wine hotel in the stunning Douro Valley. It is one of Portugal's oldest and most famous Quinta wine estates. The original 18th-century manor house houses five charming rooms, while the new wing offers an additional eight rooms, some with balconies that overlook the stunning vineyards. The living room and restaurant boast impeccable Scandinavian-style decor. The picturesque garden features a lovely sun terrace with an outdoor pool.

Quinta do Vallado is a beautiful boutique hotel in one of the oldest and most famous wine estates in Douro Valley.

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