5 of the Best Hotels in Meda

We have handpicked what we consider to be some of the best hotels in Meda, a small town located in the northern region of Central Portugal, known for its historic charm and natural beauty.

Browse the best hotels in Meda and book your stay.

Casa no Castanheiro
Casa no Castanheiro
Casa no Castanheiro
Casa no Castanheiro
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Casa no Castanheiro

Casa no Castanheiro is a modular cabin made of wood and cork, offering an architect-designed retreat for travellers looking for nature, design, and isolation. The cabin is equipped with all the essentials, and a continental breakfast with local products is provided for guests every morning. Located in Beira Alta, a region in north-central Portugal near the Douro International Natural Park.

Casa no Castanheiro is a striking, architect-designed cabin hideaway in Alentejo, perfect for those seeking inspiration from nature and isolation.

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