A Conversation with Alexandra Dubail about Casa Marítima in Comporta

August 29, 2022

Alexandra Dubail is the owner of Casa Marítima in Comporta, a stunning five-bedroom holiday home with a dreamy infinity pool and a lush garden.

A Conversation with Alexandra Dubail about Casa Marítima in Comporta

“I was immediately captivated by Comporta's wild and authentic beauty.”
– Alexandra Dubail, owner of Casa Marítima in Comporta

As a French native, what drew you to Portugal for this venture?

I went to Faro at the end of 2013 and discovered the beauty of the Ria Formosa Natural Park with its unique coastal lagoon. A few months later, I visited Comporta during a storm and torrential rain. I was immediately captivated by its wild nature, the splendid rice fields, the storks perched on the chimneys, the breath-taking deserted beaches, and of course, the masterful Atlantic.

Alexandra Dubail

How would you describe your house?

My source of inspiration was the typical Comporta fisherman's cabana. These huts, thatched with rice straw with horizontal half-timbering, sublimated by the greatest decorators Vera Iachia and Jacques Grange. The villa is a few steps away from Pego and Carvalhal beaches, both popular for surfers. Being connected with the ocean was essential. You can see the sea on the horizon and hear the rolling of the waves.

“I dreamed of this house as an ode to the ocean, which echoed my unique marine collection.”
– Alexandra Dubail, owner of Casa Marítima in Comporta

Your house is so beautifully designed and filled with unique furniture and objects. Can you tell us a bit about the creative process of designing a house from scratch?

First, I dedicated this house to the sea, the marine mammals and the colony of dolphins living in the nearby Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado. I dreamed of this house as an ode to the ocean, which echoed my unique marine collection. These fascinating objects and shells convey strong emotions of immensity and fragility and carry the story of the marine fauna, a passion I’ve had since childhood. 

I had the great privilege of growing up in the marine world and getting close to marine animals. I support associations such as the WWF, Parley for the Oceans (United Nations, NY, 2015, COP21) and the MARLANDS project – a new initiative that brings artists and scientists together to find solutions for ecological and social issues across the Mediterranean. 

I wanted this house to feel as if it had always existed with an authentic, simple, natural and mineral energy in each room. Nuno Carvalho is a local builder who has the traditional know-how of these cabanas, and the architect Nuno Lopez did a fantastic job of its design. It’s as wonderful to come to in summer as in winter. 

While in Comporta, I met the interior designer Alexandre Neimann of Barracuda Interiors, who promotes the wellness and knowledge of traditional craftsmanship. We mixed vintage furniture and tapestries of mine with 20th-century decorative art pieces. Most of the lamps and tables were designed by Alexandre. His eye and his creations are now recognised internationally.

Fresco by Austin Tondini from Redfield & Dattner.

We love the fresco by Redfield & Dattner. How did that idea come about?

Alexandre had the idea of creating a spectacular fresco in the living room, and a friend of mine introduced me to Redfield & Dattner, Maison de Peinture – a Parisian studio specialising in creative custom hand-painted walls.     

The idea was to give the space some extra soul by capturing the beauty of Comporta's nature and, above all, the life of the ocean and its fauna and flora. It also includes references to Cocteau and surrealism. 

Austin Tondini, the artist, spent a week in the house, immersing herself in its atmosphere before creating this unique piece of art. 

If you have friends visiting Comporta for the first time, where do you take them? 

To the unique beaches!

What is your favourite hotel in the world? 

Pájaro Rebelde in Seville. I discovered this Casa Boutique recently. It’s a little Andalusian paradise in a traditional Sevillian house.

Pájaro Rebelde in Seville.

Thank you very much for this interview Alexandra.

Here's hoping you create new memories here in Portugal. Tag us on Instagram (we would love it if you do!) and let us know how it goes. 🤗

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