room at Casa Mae boutique hotel, bed, pillows and candles

We are here to help create new memories for like-minded travellers; those on the hunt for beautiful design, thoughtful service and good energy.

We do this by making and sharing useful, gorgeous content to inspire others on where to go and stay in Portugal.

In 2019 we founded Studio JO&SO, as a means to expand our skills to like-minded brands.


We also offer hotel consultation services such as the JO&SO ® Mystery Shopping, in Portugal and abroad. We offer honest reports on all aspects of our experience, from the check-in process to that missing breakfast item, and decoration details we think could improve. We go beyond the usual mystery shopping service by merging the traditional reports with our boutique hotel expertise.


We are content makers and storytellers. The two of us are fully independent and we chose which places we want to visit, based on what we like the most. If the right opportunity arises we might be open to collaborate with a brand that fits our values.

& Styling

Sometimes we do photoshoots for brands. If you have a product that fits our essence, we can help choosing the perfect location to photograph it. The two of us work as photographer + stylist team and we can take assignments anywhere in the world.

Fancy working together?

Please note we aren't able to offer bespoke travel or hotels recommendations, nor do we provide this type of service.

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